What Type of Stair Handrail Post in Auckland is Best for Your Home?

The presence of stair handrail in the home can go a long way in preventing injury to young children and frail elderly people. As most stairs are straight and narrow, accidents can be easily prevented if the handrail is properly installed. Even if a person knows how to use them properly, accidents can still happen. They could get caught between railings or get tangled with rambunctious pets. No matter what is the cause of an incident, it is important to know that the stair handrail is not always the solution.

The best solution is to install a stair handrail from Handrail Fittings. Stair handrails are designed to provide assistance to people with disabilities to climb stairs. The use of a stair handrail post Auckland allows the person to maintain independent walking at all times instead of relying on others.

A stair handrail post Auckland can be made from either wood or wrought iron. Most handrail posts are relatively lightweight, so they are easy to transport. There are even some handrail posts that are designed to be installed in the most difficult places, providing assistance to those who cannot climb up the stairs themselves.

Before buying a handrail post, it is important to understand the different types available. The simplest type is the straight handrail, which can be designed to attach to the side of staircases. Handrails can be designed with or without a handrail support system. If the handrail will be used by people with reduced mobility, a handrail post with a seat should be considered. People who are unable to climb up stairs on their own should opt for one of these seats instead.

Another type of stair compliant stair handrail, which is designed to meet ADA specifications. Handrails that are compliant must be sturdy and strong enough to hold the weight of an adult. People with reduced mobility can also select handrails that are specially made for them. The materials used in making these posts are usually aluminum, which is light and easily shaped to fit various staircases.

The most common type of handrail post is the roundel stair handrail, which is available in a variety of different colors. However, there are a few handrails that are circular in shape, and one of these is the octagon handrail post, which can also come in a number of different colors. These handrail posts usually have a lip at the bottom of the circle. This lip prevents the staircases from slipping off the handrail. Since there is no lip, the octagon handrail may require some extra maintenance, but it is still quite durable.

A metal stair handrail post in Auckland is the heaviest and most secure, but they are also the most expensive. Because of this, only the most affluent homeowners are able to afford them. There are also wooden stair handrail posts, but these are not that common. The reason for this is that wood is a soft material and it may not support the weight of a person walking up and down the stairs. If you want to add an elegant touch to your stairway, you could opt for some handcrafted wooden handrail posts.

There are a number of types of handrail post available in the market, but there is no doubt that the circular stair handrail is the most popular. You should take a look at several options before you make your final purchase. Check out the prices of different models and see which one can serve your purpose best. Compare the quality of the stair handrail with those of other brands to make sure that you get the best value for money. Once you buy a good quality stair handrail post Auckland, you will definitely be able to provide comfort and safety for your family members at home.

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